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Gig Companies Thrive By Evading The Law

“This isn’t a battle to turn back the clock on technology and innovation, nor is it about denying worker freedom or employer control. It is about economic justice.”

Veena Dubal, associate professor of law at University of California Hastings College of Law

How Uber and Lyft are putting passengers in danger by choosing cheaper background checks for drivers

“The background checks used by Uber and Lyft to screen potential drivers leave large loopholes for a dangerous felon to give you your next ride.”

Shelly Brown, Associate Writer at CNET’s download.com

More Than A Gig: A Survey Of Ride-Hailing Drivers In Los Angeles

“Drivers are facing financial hardship. 44% of drivers report difficulty paying for work expenses such as gas, insurance, and car maintenance. 55% of drivers would prefer to earn a set hourly wage after expenses.”

Institute For Research On Labor And Employment. UCLA Labor Center

The Taking Economy: Uber, Information, And Power

“Sharing economy firms have the ability to monitor and channel behavior of all participants and may be using this capacity to everyone’s
detriment but their own.”

Ryan Calo & Alex Rosenblat Columbia Law Review

Uber’ Big Lie

“Uber’s business model isn’t based on new technology, but corporate greed and worker exploitation that has been aided and abetted by a political system that has failed to hold the company accountable to basic employment standards”

Chris Brooks, staff writer at Labor Notes

Uber and the False Hopes of the Sharing Economy

“While Uber promotes itself as a way for drivers to earn extra money to fund their dreams, in truth, most drivers in New York City work full time”

Ginia Bellafante, reporter, critic and columnist for the New York Times

Uber State Interference: How TNC’s Buy, Bully, And Bamboozle Their Way To Deregulation

“TNCs have successfully adopted state interference, an antidemocratic legislative practice favored by the gun and tobacco industries and popularized by the ultraconservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), in order to rewrite the law.”

Rebecca Smith, National Employment Law Project

Towards A Fairer Gig Economy

“Instead, the great marketing hype of new corporations in the ‘gig economy’ masks many new ways in which they exploit their employees. This is a great concern for the future of society, and especially for the well-being of us all as workers.”

Mark Graham & Joe Shaw

It’s Not Technology That’s Disrupting Our Jobs

“But for the vast majority of workers, the “freedom” of the gig economy is just the freedom to be afraid. It is the severing of obligations between businesses and employees. It is the collapse of the protections that the people of the United States, in our laws and our customs, once fought hard to enshrine.”

Louis Hyman, Economic Historian and opinion writer New York Times

Subsidising Billionaires – Simulating the Net Incomes of UberX Drivers in Australia

“The implicit wage subsidy paid to Uber by its drivers, in the form of below-minimumwage
labour, is large relative to the overall fares and margins generated in this
business. It is equivalent to a subsidy paid to Uber (and ultimately its owners) by its
Australian drivers, that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year. “

Jim Stanford, Ph.D.
Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute

Disrupting Democracy
How Uber Deploys Corporate Power to Overwhelm and Undermine Local Government

“No single company or interest should have the power to use its wealth the way Uber does, overwhelming democracy’s deliberative and decision-making processes.”

Public Citizen

Uber And Arbitration: A lethal Combination

“The recently settled Uber litigation in California illustrates how under current law arbitration effectively extinguishes important worker rights.”

Katherine V. W. Stone, Economic Policy Institute

Editorial: Hop a New York ride, Chicago, and demand a better deal for Uber drivers

“Our city and nation don’t need another gig-economy industry that makes a small percentage of top executives and investors extraordinarily wealthy by exploiting the labor of ordinary workers.”

The Editorial Board of the Chicago Sun-Times

How the Gig Economy Profits Off of Desperation

“So if the gig economy is characterized by low pay, a lack of benefits, and a predatory relationship where the business risks are burdened by the worker, why aren’t workers abandoning it? Simple: they have no other options. The gig economy isn’t about helping people who are being left behind; it’s about exploiting them because they have to accept whatever work they can find.”

Paris Marx, The Bold Italic

The Myth of the Sharing Economy and Its Implications for Regulating Innovation

“States and communities have struggled to protect consumers through regulation of ride-sharing and short-term rental companies such as Uber and Airbnb, because these businesses have successfully used rhetoric and their users to perpetuate a “myth” that their mission is primarily altruistic.”

Amy Stemler, Emory Law Journal

Sweated Labor: Uber And The Gig Economy

“We fear that, until such proposals are set in train, a growing number of people in this country will find themselves being subjected to ‘sweated labour’ – toiling through anxiety and insecurity, for unsafe lengths of time across seven days a week, in return for poverty pay.”

Frank Field & Andrew Forsey, Members Of Parlaiment